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Fast Food International: Yooglers

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Press: Serious Eats by Krista Garcia /

Yooglers, a kid-friendly, rainbow-drenched candyland with fuzzy green cube seating and winged cartoon cows decorating the walls, gives little indication that this self-serve frozen yogurt store is a Spanish offshoot straight from Madrid. There’s just something distinctly American about taking a nonfat (or dairy or sugar-free) foodstuff and piling on sticky sweet toppings.

And the options for excess are myriad. Two stations are stockpiled with over 90 add-ons like crumbled Pop Tarts, every breakfast cereal imaginable, cheesecake bites, mini peanut butter cups and gummies. Of course there’s no rule against sticking with fresh fruit and a few walnuts in honey.
The one and only nod to the home country is helpfully described above the dispenser as Horchata from Spain (presumably made with tiger nuts, not rice like Latin American versions). The U.S. location has a few unique flavors, and Yooglers clearly did its market research: fruit punch and cinnamon roll appear homegrown and the maple bacon doughnut and sea salt caramel couldn’t be more zeitgeist-y.
Light, slightly nutty and hit with vanilla and cinnamon, the horchata yogurt could be enjoyed naked or used as an unobtrusive base if you wanted to layer on the animal crackers and hot chocolate (52 cents per ounce).

Yooglers Frozen Yogurt
791 Broadway, New York, NY 10003 (map)

External link: http://bit.ly/16NGCNF

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