Enjoy our delicious Frozen Yogurt

A universe of 40 flavors, 40 toppings, and all the yogurt icecream you would like to eat becuase it is 100% fat free. The best part is the experience you will be taking home with you, the return to childhood mounted in a one and only frozen yogurt. Get there and make no line, use the wi-fi and you do not have to pay, your kids run to the kids area and start to draw in the supersized chalkboard,immediately a smile is awakened … all of this with a healthy touch ¡activated!


Yooglers represents alot of things besides a frozen yogurt self-service multi flavor and customized for you. our start is the yogurt Icecream, also healthy, delicious and in a short period of time you will be able enjoy the new products and flavors… all of it wihtout fat! continue reading


Your friends, your family, your boss, and you all decide. We always offer 14 flavors different from our 40 so you can choose the best one out of all of them. green apple,Cheesecake, Coco… and to inifinity becuase our department is always developing constantly, innovanting and looking to suprise you. continue reading


we have a universe of cereals tradicional and muesli, of dried fruits like almonds, pipes peeled, peanuts or sugared almonds, also you can expirement with goji berries, or aloe vera. Have fun with our liquid toppings we have chocolate, caramelized condensed milk or strawberry. continue reading


¿Do you have intolerance to gluten? 90% of our flavors are sutable for celíacs. Are you lactose intolerant? You can bet our sorbet Yogurts do not contain lactose, Also our next line of smoothies will be fit for people like you. Anything else?, do not worry, Inform our staff the situation and they will resolve your inquiries. continue reading


In Yooglers you can enjoy your craving daily without feeling guilty because Yooglers small cup has less than 100cal. Its does not matter what diet you are holding, You have Yooglers to enjoy. Do not give up the pleasure of becoming a kid again, Have 0% remorse !!. continue reading