Yooglers World

Here we explain why we are located in Spain (Madrid y Peñíscola) and the USA (New York), how we will help you to smile, and all that Yoogler’s offers. You can think we are just another frozen yogurt place, however we are much more than that. We want to make it clear that we want to change your day-to-day perspective, want the best for you, as well as the kid inside of you, when you come and open the doors to your world of Yoogler’s.

 Our History

THE Yooglers History

Yooglers was born because we believe frozen yogurt can bring out the kid in all of us. Yooglers is the kid in us and we would like to bring a refreshing treat as well as spread that message in every corner of the world in the next 10 years. continue reading

 Why Yooglers?

Stress? ¿corsés? Rules, rules and more rules? All of that will never open your eyes to what the world has to offer. So bring out your creative side and experiment with us. You’ll see with every Yooglers experience you will start freeing your mind. continue reading

 In the Press

Want to know what they say about us in the press, radio, television, internet, WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook? It is always interesting to note what others have said in order to learn and better onself with the ultimately goal of bringing a unique flavor blasted experience to all parts of the world. continue reading

 The Yooglers Experience

Enter into Yooglers and discover a world on where you rediscover yourself, open your eyes and realize you can make a change. At Yooglers you pick your frozen yogurt flavor, enjoy free wi-fi and the fun of a kids area. continue reading