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Forget the Coffee Shop, Brainstorm at Yooglers

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Press: www.amixofthings.com By Chris Evangelista /

Yooglers, a Spanish Frozen Yogurt company recently opened its New York City location in the Greenwich Village neighborhood. I happened to pass by the newly launched establishment and couldn’t resist its bright colors and quirky/trippy decor. From the outside, Yooglers look like it’s just another ordinary froyo place pretending to be a frozen yogurt whiz.


But I think it may just be the next cool thing out of the frozen treat industry. With one NYC location, it isn’t as accessible as its counterparts but with competing prices and more froyo-topping combinations- it will be easy for people to grow fond of it. It’s a sit-down or take out fro-yo eatery that serves a variety of flavors: sweet, tangy and even sweet and salty. The establishment also has a vast selection of toppings: from the usual M&Ms to crushed Italian wafers.​

In addition to the awesome selections of flavors and toppings, Yooglers offers a great alternative for brainstorming space aka they have a special doodle corner where guests can draw on their chalkboard walls or plug in their MacBooks. I guess fro-yo can also substitute coffee once in a while.

791 Broadway
(between 11th St & 10th St)


External link: http://amixofthings.com/foodie/2013/3/12/forget-the-coffee-shop-brainstorm-at-yooglers-the-new-fro-yo-spot

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