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Yooglers Frozen Yogurt was born because we saw self-serve frozen yogurt as a way to bring out the kid we have in us. Yooglers is the kid in all of us.



Our vision is to bring Yooglers all over the world in 10 years.
“Dreams are to be envisioned in the mind initially, there should be a reoccurring projection in that dream, with details, with all of its protagonists, that move us and impulses us to elaborate on a strategy and execute it. It will happen”. Manuel Fernández Founder of Yooglers Frozen Yogurt.


To change your way of thinking and living to how a child explores the world. Search for new things, always learn something new, ask questions, as we were a child again. Follow dreams that will benefit you and those around you. Be creative. Imagine like a child. Be honest, hardworking, and responsible. Cleanliness and order at all times of day and in every situation. Take care of your environment and encourage a better world. Practice a healthy lifestyle. Watch your diet, play sports and seek harmony and balance.

MISSION: Want to hear a nice story?

One day two kids were in a field, it was a hot summers day and the grass was very dry. Out of nowhere a fire broke out. The flames grew taller and taller, and the field was intensely burning and the fire grew. The kids started to throw sand and step on the flames, any thing to stop the fire. They called over their neighbor who suffocated the flames with his garden hose. The fire died. When the firefighters came they asked: that’s impossible, how did you manage to take out the fire? I can’t believe it, there is just no way. An elderly villager walked by and said: I know how they did it. There was no one around them to tell them it was impossible.
“Has this occurred to you? Did someone ever tell you that you won’t achieve your dreams? I believe that if your pursue your dreams you start to live the life you were meant to live. If your dream is to help adults discover the child inside of them, Yooglers is the place for you”. Manuel Fernández – Founder Yooglers Frozen Yogurt.


You can change the world with only a few actions. Enjoy life. Rediscover the kid inside of you. Play inside. Play outside. Life is too short to stay put. Laugh out loud. Go out. Be creative. Don’t be content being inspired, be an inspiration for others.

Be good to yourself. Be good to others. Be good to your body. Take a healthy appetizer. Work intelligent. Live smart. Share love. Share happiness. A happy place for the kid inside of you!