Yooglers services

These are all the services that yooglers store offers


  • Wifi Zone: Internet for your friends and you, we want you to have a good time in our location, delicious frozen yogurt and modes of connection for free. Put in gear the frozen yogurt co-working.


  • Kids club: zone for kids with black board, color chalk, stools and tables so they can show their creativity they have within one Yoogler and another. ‘Discover the kid in you’.


Celebrate Your Birthday

  • Celebrate Your Birthday: ¿turning one, three, 10 o 18 years?,no problem, come to the closest Yooglers Frozen Yogurt and ask for our rate to enjoy like a kid our self serve model.

take away

  • Your Frozen Yogurt to go: we have 40 flavors of frozen yogurt and most likely you will take all the flavors home, well GO AHEAD. we have hermetical cups so you will not have to worry about your yogurt melting on the way.