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The toppings universe

Toppings here, toppings there, toppings everywhere! They are the maximum exponent of the creativity, with them you demonstrate if you are truly a Yooglers follower. You can make a bet for the fresh fruit divided into pieces, or for the ingenious mix of sauces, syrups, cereals or version of mini Twix, Chips Ahoy or Smarties. In Yooglers Frozen Yogurt you can choose the decoration of your frozen yogurt. We suggest 40 accessories that bring to your yogurt to life.

– variety of liquid toppings like the delicious syrups of milk caramel, tropical, ferrero rocher or variegate provide the color

– we have an universe of traditional cereal like almonds, pipes peeled, peanuts or sugared almond, also you can experiment with goji berries, aloe vera, muesli

– We also offer the magic of Nestlé and Kelloggs that will allow you to top your Yoogler with chocolate chips, cheerios, golden grahams, stars or chocolate crispies.

– Also even the most sweet toothed people can compose authenticate works of frozen art with marbles of anís, or versions mini jellies  of bears, worms or kisses

– But even more toppings remain for spectacular creations with more models to a scale of twix, kit kat, or chips ahoy

– The healthier can complement their lifestyle with frozen yogurt and a careful selection of fresh fruit, honey or cinammon.