Why Yooglers Frozen Yogurt?

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Yooglers, the multi-flavor self-serve frozen yogurt


Stress? Rules, rules and more rules? All of that will never open your eyes to what the world has to offer. So bring out your creative side and experiment with us. You’ll see with every Yooglers experience you will start freeing your mind and little by little a smile will appear on your face. That smile occurred because of a unique, fun and creative experience; where you expect the unexpected like the kid inside of you!

Here you decide, along with your friends, your family or your boss. We want you to serve yourself the frozen yogurt. Everyone makes their own Yoogler to their own liking! That freedom doesn’t stop there, you also choose not just the size but as well from 40 different flavors. Green apple, coconut, etc, there are endless possibilities because our development department keeps on working to surprise you, so that all taste buds, big and small, enjoy themselves to the fullest.

The frozen yogurt universe is 100% healthy or whichever health benefits you are looking for: low fat, fat free, lactose free, no gluten, and since August 2012 we also have no added sugar. Realize that in this journey to discover your inner child you can be eager to experience new sensations, a Yooglers smile is certified. We are also the only Spanish company that offers Premium Quality Frozen Yogurt, as certified by the National Yogurt Association, USA.